Wine Mum Night

So I've been thinking... Winter is bleak. My kids have been sick non-stop. I had the best night out recently (so great I wrote about the joy of Wine Mum Nights). And when I saw all the comments on that post - I thought: We really need a huge Wine Mum Night. Like, we need it bad. … Continue reading

Here I go

Because I've been harassed all day for comment about taking down my FB page I will tell you why I'm having a break in the hopes that it'll I don't know...make it understandable. So because we like lists: 1) Imagine every third interaction you have all day being abuse. There's scales of course - … Continue reading


As I’m tucking him into bed he whispers tell me again how much you love me. And so I do. Bigger than the stars, bigger than the moon, bigger than the planets-and he says: Bigger than the biggest planet. Not as a question. Just a statement. And I nod and kiss his forehead and for a second … Continue reading

A comprehensive review of Baywatch 2017

Hello. I saw Baywatch 2017 on Saturday night. You might say the storyline is incomprehensible, the jokes are all dick jokes/overdone, old or flat, the acting is wooden, the dialogue worse, it's far too long, the finale isn't enough of a pay-off, there's some problematic scenes in there where … Continue reading