4 September

It's that time of year when the shop fronts change like seasons. They'll take the Olympic rings down and put up signs that implore you to think of your dad, to think of all dads. It's Father's Day very soon. And I'm thinking about you. I'm thinking about those who struggle as 4 September … Continue reading

Us too

My son doesn’t fall asleep. He crashes. Furiously. Ferociously. Sometimes the journey to bed is calmer than other nights. He angrily asserts that he doesn’t want to sleep. His words are MAMA, DADDA, EDDIE, MINE and he yells them one after the other. I wish we could understand him. There's … Continue reading

I’m still alive kind of

Heeeeeey. I've had heaps of emails so I thought I should write this post. The emails are kind of "I'm not on Facebook or Twitter and you haven't posted since the Tarzan post! ARE YOU DEAD? HAVE YOU GIVEN UP MUMMY BLOGGING?" Or they say: "WHY AREN'T YOU BLOGGING ABOUT MUM STUFF ANYMORE? I … Continue reading