An update!

I know I haven't been around these traps for a while. So I thought I'd just give an update. I'm speaking at a bunch of events across the country over the next few months - you can find all of those dates here. My book is still available at all good bookstores (ask for it if you can't find it) or … Continue reading

Tom Hardy’s sad eyes

So reason number 9378 that I'll never be a professional film reviewer is usually I get my reviews out well after a movie has been and gone. With that in mind... War For The Planet of the Apes Somebody said to me "It wasn't what I was expecting" and I was like I don't understand it was … Continue reading

Wine Mum Night

So I've been thinking... Winter is bleak. My kids have been sick non-stop. I had the best night out recently (so great I wrote about the joy of Wine Mum Nights). And when I saw all the comments on that post - I thought: We really need a huge Wine Mum Night. Like, we need it bad. … Continue reading

Here I go

Because I've been harassed all day for comment about taking down my FB page I will tell you why I'm having a break in the hopes that it'll I don't know...make it understandable. So because we like lists: 1) Imagine every third interaction you have all day being abuse. There's scales of course - … Continue reading