What I have learned in 2017

It has been an absolutely enormous year for everyone. For my little whānau - there have been mostly huge ups but a few shitty downs. I am writing this from my bed. We just returned from  Taupō. I have strep throat again. Sleep deprivation ruins your immune system. It sucks. I read an article on … Continue reading

Sponsored post: SANTA MY CHICKEN

If you know me, you'll know I fucking love Christmas. It's my fave time of year. Christmas music - THE BEST. Decorations - give it to me. I love everything about Christmas and I especially love the magic of Santa. We changed up the way we do Christmas last year - basically we decided we didn't … Continue reading

A comprehensive review of Justice League

I feel like I have been waiting a million years for this movie. When my children are grown and have children of their own and they sit on my lap and say "Grandma? What was your happiest day?" I will say: "well my dearest grandies, a long, long time ago I saw a gif. And it was the most beautiful gif … Continue reading

Dispatches from the lavender room of zen

My husband has gastro. It was quite the welcome back from Nelson. The Arts Festival was so dreamy - I felt like I was in another world. Then I needed to go back to literal Chunderville. Luckily my mother-in-law stepped in while I was away and took the boys for the night so my husband could poop … Continue reading