Emily   September 29, 2016   2 Comments on Four

It was dark and I heard a little whimper then: “mama?” A little body quickly climbed into my bed and huddled up closer reaching for my hands. I pulled my arms around him and softly stroked his hair. “I saw a shadow” “It’s OK baby you’re safe” “Can I come in bed even when I’m four if I see a… Read more »

Goodbye, old friend

Emily   September 28, 2016   11 Comments on Goodbye, old friend

I said goodbye to my friend today. The longest relationship I’ve had. I was 10 when I got him. I didn’t like him at first. He looked like a rat. But he slept behind my neck. He used my hair as a blanket. He got rounder but never much bigger. He went everywhere with me. He was my friend. When… Read more »

A little wish

Emily   August 31, 2016   22 Comments on A little wish

We told our little one that for his fourth birthday we would all take the day off  – no work, no kindy, just us – and he’d be able to pick what we did for the day. High tea? Staglands? The Zoo? Looking for penguins at Greta Point? A bush walk? A ride on the cable car? Whatever he wanted –… Read more »

4 September

Emily   August 23, 2016   4 Comments on 4 September

It’s that time of year when the shop fronts change like seasons. They’ll take the Olympic rings down and put up signs that implore you to think of your dad, to think of all dads. It’s Father’s Day very soon. And I’m thinking about you. I’m thinking about those who struggle as 4 September draws closer. As inboxes fill with calls to… Read more »

Us too

Emily   August 8, 2016   25 Comments on Us too

My son doesn’t fall asleep. He crashes. Furiously. Ferociously. Sometimes the journey to bed is calmer than other nights. He angrily asserts that he doesn’t want to sleep. His words are MAMA, DADDA, EDDIE, MINE and he yells them one after the other. I wish we could understand him. There’s a gulf between us at bedtime. And even holding him… Read more »