I unashamedly love Christmas. I love decorations. I fucking love Christmas music. I love presents – mostly giving them. I love the idea that people all around the world are taking time out from life to really consider what will make someone else smile. When I finally got knocked up I was so excited about the Christmases to come. I… Read more »

An update

Emily   November 7, 2016   4 Comments on An update

Oh thank you for the nice things you said about my interview with Kim Hill. Kim Hill! It was so exciting I have to tell you. I was basically almost mute until we went on air because I was just like Kim Actual Bloody Fucking Hill I mean she’s a legend. The best. And I was a bit (like very… Read more »


Emily   September 29, 2016   4 Comments on Four

It was dark and I heard a little whimper then: “mama?” A little body quickly climbed into my bed and huddled up closer reaching for my hands. I pulled my arms around him and softly stroked his hair. “I saw a shadow” “It’s OK baby you’re safe” “Can I come in bed even when I’m four if I see a… Read more »

Goodbye, old friend

Emily   September 28, 2016   13 Comments on Goodbye, old friend

I said goodbye to my friend today. The longest relationship I’ve had. I was 10 when I got him. I didn’t like him at first. He looked like a rat. But he slept behind my neck. He used my hair as a blanket. He got rounder but never much bigger. He went everywhere with me. He was my friend. When… Read more »

A little wish

Emily   August 31, 2016   22 Comments on A little wish

We told our little one that for his fourth birthday we would all take the day off  – no work, no kindy, just us – and he’d be able to pick what we did for the day. High tea? Staglands? The Zoo? Looking for penguins at Greta Point? A bush walk? A ride on the cable car? Whatever he wanted –… Read more »