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Apparently lists are popular these days

I was told that I should be writing lists because nobody these days reads anything long-form. Pffft. I just don’t believe that. But I thought I’d have a go of it anyway… Top 5 lies I’ve told my… Read More

From blossoms

I didn’t write this. But a friend sent it to me and it spoke to me and made my heart hurt but also sting less – some comfort in beautiful words. And I wanted it to be here… Read More

Pō atarau

I had devastating news tonight. Sausages sizzling on the frying pan. Fireman Sam a soundtrack to Monday night domesticity. The baby grizzling. I’d just stuck a photo on Twitter. My husband was watering the garden. It was too… Read More

Before I was his mum

Oh, I was such a great parent before I had kids. I knew exactly how to parent. I was supermarket tutter (I would never give my child a kinder surprise just because they asked for it), I was… Read More


I have a constant (relentless) stream of commentary in my life from my exuberant two-year-old. We have recently hit the WHY stage, a stage other parents had told (warned) me about. My day usually starts with me trying… Read More

To dance, to dream

A little while back my son announced that he wanted to be a ballerina. He wanted to dance with other ballerinas he said. Can I “PEASE PEASE PEASE DEAR MAMA” let him dance with other ballerinas? I googled… Read More

A Blessing

Any day now, three of my dear friends will be bringing babies into the world. I wanted to write them, and all mums, a blessing. I have many hopes for you. Many wishes. I wish that when your… Read More

Accepting help

I once received some excellent advice from two wonderful women who at the time were holding a tray of fish pie. “Take help when it’s offered,” they said. Why is it so hard for us to accept help?… Read More

Thank you

I said goodbye to my midwife last week. I remember my excitement when I first heard her voice on the end of the phone. I was pregnant. Finally! My husband and I were absolutely ecstatic and utterly terrified…. Read More


If our household had a motto it would be: qui super omnia amatur somnus. Above all else, sleep. Our coat of arms would be two pillows crossed over an unmade bed. We are a home of two adults… Read More