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Off to the circus

If there’s anything more joyful, more life-affirming, than sitting in a theatre, surrounded by children who are utterly delighted by art – I don’t know what it is. The other day I was lucky enough to see Wolfgang’s… Read More

A few film reviews

Films I have seen (was meant to be dispatches as well but FUCK WORDPRESS). On The Basis Of Sex: It seems quite anti-feminist to point out that Armie Hammer is so aggressively attractive in this film that I… Read More

Rediscovering hornbag movies from 2003

So, the other day I read some article about In The Cut and how Meg Ryan had lost her career after being in that film because we live in a misogynist horror show of which we can never… Read More

Support your local girl gang

Hey so I made one resolution in 2019 that I’m going to try to only read women writers this year and I’ve actually been READING! Once I got into the habit of it, I got super into it…. Read More

Some one sentence reviews because I’m lazy

Well, I have woken up with a summer cold and my husband has taken the kids out because he’s the best. So I thought I’d review some things. I am not doing a best of 2018 because I… Read More

Aquaman: A review

Sometimes there are acts of bravery, acts of great courage, that change the course of the world as we know it, or at least the course of a Boxing Day Wednesday. We honour these people in many ways… Read More

All the shitty takes in one go

Tired of the shit emails and DMs and comments I’m getting so here I’ll answer your crap in one go. Not all men are violent you’re being sexist If I came to you crying and said – my… Read More

Well here I am

Hey – I’ve been busy writing and I don’t know, maybe if you like my writing you might want to catch up on what I’ve uhhhh been writing. So here you go my friends, I am writing for… Read More

I have been sponsored to fight cybercriminals who wear balaclavas even though they are at home and nobody can see them?

So, a few weeks back I talked about how I’m adulting and I’m getting myself sorted with internet security. I’ve been using Norton Secure VPN for a month or so now. The point of it is to secure… Read More

The hustle

Nobody wants to talk about money. It’s horrible talking about money. But I feel like I should. I’m 33 and my family and I live week to week. This is quite normal in our circle of friends. I… Read More