Dear Mama Likes: Mud Mates + a giveaway!

The high pitched squeal Eddie emitted when he saw the Mud Mates coveralls we were sent a few months back basically caused all the neighbourhood dogs to lose their shit. After a couple of months of owning his pink and navy coveralls he’s chilled only slightly, so the dogs are still losing it.

He was a bit excited when he first put them on

He was a bit excited when he first put them on

The aesthetic is really Eddie. That the all-in-one-suit is in his favourite colour, but only half of his favourite colour, really appeals to him and I’ve had to break it to him that his whole wardrobe can’t be half and half because that’s not a thing. What appeals to me is that I don’t have to do 16 loads of washing every day now. So you can see our views are slightly different…

I’m sorry for the lack of photos. Though to be fair if you want stunning photos  you need to leave here and go to one of the zillions of Instagram mummy bloggers who take beautiful pictures. I do not have that talent and I take photos on my phone. My phone which just fell in the toilet the other week. Like one freaking day after I upgraded it to a smart phone. Seriously. And I pulled it out of the toilet and I dried it with my top and spent the rest of the day at the zoo wearing a top with wee on it. And it never worked again. Because wee and phones shouldn’t be together.

SO – where was I before I talked about putting my hand into a zoo toilet full of pee? I really like the Mud Mates coveralls. I really do. Not just because I like seeing Eddie’s face when he’s wearing them, but also because they’re saving me time with washing and actually for like eight other reasons.

Why I like Mud Mates coveralls:

  1. They actually keep the clothes underneath dry so I don’t have to wash them. Eddie was sometimes going through three or four dirty outfits a day before we got the coveralls. We would say – that’s it, you’re finished making mudpies, shower him and then a second later he’d be filthy again. Now he knows he has to put on the coveralls.
  2. They are cute. This is important. Eddie looks like a little femme builder and I love it. He looks like a tiny little thing even though he’s really tall. He loves how he looks in it and often wears it just as a going to the supermarket outfit and I am cool with that because I can find him when he runs away because of the eye-watering shade of pink on the coveralls.image
  3. You can put them on the line and just hose them down. I mean is this not the best lazy parent thing ever? If only I could just hose down the kids. I wash them once a week in the machine and they come out great (the coveralls not the kids) – the rest of the time I just peg them on the line, hose them, and leave them up there to dry (also talking about coveralls not kids here).
  4. They’re light and roomy – in summer he didn’t get hot and in the colder weather he’s been able to fit bulky sweaters underneath.
  5. Everything is elasticated – I had other coveralls but I found the bottom of his pants would get wet and slowly they’d rise up until his pants were wet to the knees. The coveralls have elastic around the ankles, wrist, and hood – so they keep him dry. They’re the only ones I’ve seen like that. They have a hood! Great for jumping around in the rain!
  6. Eddie wanted me to say that they feel soft like a kitten but I call bullshit on that because they don’t have lining – which is great, because they dry quickly. We don’t have a dryer because of power bills and it used to take days for his thick lined coveralls to dry. I mean those are handy, no doubt – but I do think something really light works well because it dries in a few hours on the clotheshorse, ready for the next day.
  7. They fold up really small! I could fit them in the bottom of his kindy bag easily. You can also buy the most adorable bag to put them in (that’s it in that photo up there) and Mud Mates will personalise it for you – the bags aren’t up on the website yet but they will be soon! And you can email them for orders.
  8. You can write on them – I wrote his name in permanent marker on the front so they wouldn’t get lost at kindy.
  9. They’re NZ-made! In Hawke’s Bay to be exact! By buying them you’re supporting a Kiwi business. Good karma!
  10. I have considered how convenient it would be if they had them in adult sizes. I mean every time I put on something nice the kids cover me in just general grossness. I could rock these coveralls. I really could. If you made them in black – I could make it work.

Mud Mates have given me some coveralls to give away which is REALLY exciting. The giveaway runs until midnight Sunday 17th April so make sure you enter! All you need to do is CLICK HERE to enter the draw. The winner has been chosen at random – congratulations Michala. Alana from Mud Mates will contact you directly 🙂

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2 Comments on “Dear Mama Likes: Mud Mates + a giveaway!

  1. I bought a pair of these last winter for my then 6 month old after her learned to crawl and I wanted to actually be able to put him down outside. Super awesome, especially with the shoe covers as well. He could crawl around the park soaking up the experience of long grass and eating bark till his heart’s content and he didn’t get cold and wet.

  2. OMG I want adult size coveralls for when I’m feeding our toddler. In black like you say. Our kid has feeding difficulties and mealtimes are long and messy and I hope I can get away with just sponging some of the mess off me and wearing the same clothes. I know I can’t really, I look a mess. Please please please adult coveralls!!! Me and bubs could both wear them we would be soooo cute!!!!