Giveaway: Family pass to Mister Maker and The Shapes Live

Mister Maker

I was offered an interview with THE Mister Maker. I declined because I am dying under the weight of ALL THE THINGS. But I did think about asking him where he gets his relentless energy from. Does he just wind down at the end of each episode? Nobody can sustain that level of enthusiasm. It’s just not possible.

Instead of talking to Mister Maker (or one of The Shapes) I’m giving away a family pass to a Wellington show of Mister Maker and The Shapes Live.

This is Mister Maker’s first New Zealand tour. His first live theatre show here. So it should be a goodie. The show certainly lends itself to a live show. I’m really looking forward to it. My son is a Mister Maker fan and I spend a lot of my time saying “Yes, that’s wonderful but we are not making it inside”.

I like to sit my son in front of the TV and put on an episode of Mister Maker and call it “art time”. That way I can feel smug and say that my child does like six hours of arts and crafts a week.

Here are the tour details. And you can buy tickets for your mini makers here.

Tour dates
  • Friday 8 July to Sunday 10 July at Auckland’s Bruce Mason Centre

  • Tuesday 12 July to Wednesday 13 July at Christchurch’s Aurora Theatre

  • Friday 15 July to Sunday 17 July at Wellington’s Opera House.

I’m giving away a family pass – two adults, two children, or one adult, three children for the Wellington show on Saturday 17 July at 1pm. THIS COMPETITION HAS CLOSED. Congratulations Sara Tuki Pascoe.

Here are some quotes about the show:

‘Mister Maker Live is like going to see Robbie Williams in concert whilst he does art and craft! What a superb family show and great audience participation!’

‘Hilariously funny and inventive live show full of clever crafty makes, singing, dancing and audience participation.’ Derby Telegraph

The show is genius’ ‘Brilliantly put together, with sections flowing seamlessly from one to the next, full of fun and energy, and with lots of laughs this is a fabulous show’South London Press

10 Comments on “Giveaway: Family pass to Mister Maker and The Shapes Live

  1. Oooh consider us please! My twins are obsessed with Mister Maker, they utterly adore him! 🙂

  2. I listen to it while attempting to get a bit more sleep on a weekend morning, while my 3 year old is next to me. I like to think I would neither scream with annoyance or fall asleep during a live show of it (though the weekend thing might be Pavlovian, who knows?!) So please randomly pick us:-)

  3. Wow! My boys would LOVE to see the live show! Exciting 🙂

  4. Would love to take the boys to this – it’s one of the only viewing options they actually agree on! Can’t afford tickets, so fingers crossed! X Sarah

  5. I’d love to take my tots to see Mr Maker! They’re obsessed with him (as am I with anyone who has a passion for crafting with loo roll and egg cartons). Hope you feel less weighted down soon 🙁

  6. This would be amazing to win. My daughter would love it soooooooo much!!

  7. This would be great! Not for me as my almost one year old isn’t there (yet) but would love to give to a mum friend of mine who could have her husband take their three mini people along (and she could sleep!)

  8. Our whanau love Mr Maker! I would love to be able take my granddaughter, she is his biggest fan.

    • Congratulations Sara! You’re a winner. I’ll be in touch by email with details about your tickets. Thank you to everyone who entered.

  9. Yea please!!! We have two kids who are so into Mr Maker