Giveaway: The ultimate Disney On Ice experience

I am so excited about this!


Disney has given me a money-can’t-buy experience to give away!

I have 10 tickets – YES 10 TICKETS! – to giveaway to Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival in Wellington!

Even better – six of the children attending get to be in the show! They’ll be sitting in some of the best seats in the house and they’ll get to actually GO ON THE ICE! They’ll be in a cart ride during the Tangled segment of the show, riding on ice during the I’ve Got A Dream performance.

This is an experience you can’t pay for. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for your wee ones!

All you have to do is tell me about your best mama friend. I want this prize to go to two mamas and their best mama friends.

I adore my coven and I love watching our babies grow together – we’re like our own little family.

So I want to invite you and your family to enter this comp. We can have two groups of three children and two adults. Sound good?

Enter by telling me why you love your chosen mama family.

It’s important to note: The show is for 28 July at 11am in Wellington so you need to be able to make it to that. To take part in the show, the kids need to be aged between 4 and 10 years old.

I’ll draw the comp on 18 June. Terms and conditions for the competition are available on request.

Lobster guy


Wellington | TSB Bank Arena | 28 – 31 July

Auckland | Vector Arena | 4 – 7 August

Hamilton | Claudelands Arena | 10-14 August

Christchurch | Horncastle Arena | 18-21 August

You can buy tickets through the Disney On Ice website or directly purchase Auckland tickets through Ticketmaster: 09 970 9700 and Wellington, Hamilton and Christchurch tickets through Ticketek: 0800 TICKETEK (842 538).

While you wait for the competition to close – you can download some activity sheets based on the show from the Disney On Ice website.



31 Comments on “Giveaway: The ultimate Disney On Ice experience

  1. This is amazing! I would love for Acacia to be able to go!

  2. Im baby sitting and showed the girls, they would loooooove this! Fingers crossed for Mickey, Addy and Charlotte.

    • I should add, I’m not a mama! But I have many amazing friends who are and let me be a part of their families in special ways. Mickey, Addy & Charlottes mum Emma is an incredible midwife who is my best mama friend. She delivers and cares for so many precious wee ones and has the strength to also raise her own crew, with a little bit of help from loved ones X

  3. yes please, My 5 year old would love this so would her friends Aven, Isla, Tyler and Amber. I’m so lucky she choose such awesome Kids to be friends with and I get to be friends with their mums. We are like family and sometimes we find it hard to get together for fun events, this would be really exciting to win,

  4. I nominate Sarah (GrumpyYetAmusin) and Jo to take their lovely boys to the show. I housesit for these 2 wonderful ladies and they do a stellar job of parenting 2 extremely energetic boys!

  5. My daughter would love this so hard! And her friends Amelie and Ella.

    • Their mum is an amazing good friend and mum-advisor. She had some awful health issues last year – I cannot express how incredible she was throughout her ordeal, staying her ever thoughtful and gracious self.

  6. I’d like to nominate my friends Becky & Nick to take their daughters Lily and Amelia. Becky is a stay-at-home mum who walks the girls to and from school every day, and creates the most detailed and crafty things to feed off their interests in princesses and dinosaurs!

    Plus she’s an amazing friend to me – when my partner & I first moved back to NZ we stayed in her living room for a month (!) while we hunted for our own place, and my biology degree wouldn’t have been nearly as fun without her study sessions.

  7. I would love to be able to take my almost 5 granddaughter for her birthday. she is about to have her second frozen party.

    • just read this properly and realised it was for Mama’s so I would like to nominate my Grandaughters amazing mother.

    • Congratulations Sharryn! You have two adult tickets and three child tickets 🙂 I’ll email with details, thanks, Emily.

  8. Wow! What an amazing prize! I would love to go with one of my bestest besties, and the mother of my kid’s bestie, Manda. Me and Manda only became friends after we’d had our kids, but I’d been told by our “mutuals” that we were made to be friends. I love her gentle aroha for tamariki – her own, mine, and all kids she hangs out with. I love how supportive she is of me personally, listening to me when I’m struggling and providing thoughtful, empathetic feedback on every kaupapa. I love how smart she is and clever and creative and how she’s kept her own sense of self so strong through all those tricky, self-doubt-ey first few years. I love how our kids are with each other too – challenging and loving and committed to each other over the last 5 years. Thanks for motivating me to write this. It’s nice to get it all out. Regardless of this competition, I think I need to write her a letter or a card or something. xxx

  9. Very cool prize. I nominate one of my besties Debs. She’s been a bestie for years and then almost 8 years ago we discovered we both announced (early and at the same time) our pregnancies to each other. Our kids were due only days apart. We’ve shared all the ups and downs and she’s always there for me – she’s pretty damn awesome.

  10. I would love for Katy Evans to win this for her and a friend (I am in Auckland). Katy’s youngest is 4 days older than my oldest, and she was always there for me in my first-time-parent angst, answering all my questions and talking me through my 3am crises when I just couldn’t fucking do it anymore. She’s the tops.

  11. I would love to take my friend Larissa and her girls Luse and Lani, along with my girl Ruby. Larissa is an amazing mama friend. Her house is always packed with kids – between her and her husband there are seven ranging in age from four to 22 – but there’s always room for more. Larissa is generous, chilled, and I often feel like they are family when ours is so far away.

  12. My little 4yr old Isla channels Elsa like a true fan girl in her everyday life, for more than a year she’s been wearing the dresses (now on to her third, the others literally fell to bits! ) singing the songs, acting out scenes and watching the movie more times than I could count. Adorable and she would be beyond excited to win this prize! She’d take her long suffering sister Zara and her equally frozen mad friend Tui as well as my mum her Nan, who is a fantastic help to me and who would have never experienced anything like Disney on ice in her life ever, belive me even going into town from the hutt is a rare outing. We could definitely make that day and time ?

  13. Pick me and my other mama Sarah with our little Alex and Ben! X

  14. Can I nominate Jess McCauley and her lovely 7 year old twins Mia and Phoebe? xxxc

  15. I’d like to ask why just mamma’s?

    My 1yo daughters limited vocabulary includes “let it go” is pretty awesome. And she would love to go. BUT…

    My neighbours daughter is fighting cancer and their other two children are AWESOME and show amazing support for their sister through almost everything they do. I couldnt think of a family more deserving to be honest.

    • Because mamas don’t often get credit for being wonderful and I want them to 🙂 Your neighbours sound like a very deserving family ❤️

  16. I nominate my best friend Stephanie, and her daughter Eden (7).
    Steph is a hard working, kind, and selfless mum. She is currently studying full time to achieve a double degree, works at a community radio station, and is also a musician. Her daughter, Eden, is a wonderful kid, and an aspiring ballerina.
    Steph has been my rock, and my soul to cry to, whenever things have been tough. She has never judged me, only held my hand and told me it was okay. She is such a caring person, and she always goes out of the way for others, and to help others. I am so grateful, and so lucky, to have someone like her as my best friend.
    These tickets would mean so much to them, and Eden would adore every single moment!

  17. I nominate my friend Liv!! She’s amazing! She’s so much fun, a great mum to her little girl, works full time in a very hardcore job, she’s studying to do her masters, and just general life stuff. I have no idea how she does it all.

    Also she’s got this amazing photo of her girl like full on fist pumping at a show they took her too a while back, she was in her element. If I win I’ll send you the pic, it’s hysterical. This would be right up her alley!!!

  18. Well, seeing as there’s an obvious choice who I can’t nominate…. ;p

    I’d love to go with my amazing friend Gem. She is rad as hell and so creative, a total babe and a really kind, reliable loving wahine who always knows just what comforting words are needed in shitty times. I think she’s absolutely amazing and I thank my lucky stars that our stroppy daughters manage to be friends despite both being totally huge wonderful personalities who could so easily clash lol.

  19. Oh wow, yes please! Wouldn’t that be awesome!

  20. My best mama friend is the fabulous Alex. Mama of Ted. Hilarious, smart and an amazing person go drink wine, talk theatre and feminism and watch ninja turtles with. Her boy and my girls adore each other but don’t get to see each other much these days. This would be a magical mission for all of us!

  21. I would love to win this amazing prize for one of my best friends, Jenna and her son. They have had a whirlwind last few years, losing their second child when she was full term, four weeks after I gave birth to my second and not once did she turn away loving my two and then three.

    Although she was adamant they wouldn’t have any more children, they recently spent an emotional 38 weeks praying for their third child to be born healthy, and through great strength and courage they have a brand new bundle of joy and this would go some way to letting them know how loved they are.

  22. My most special mama friends all have under 4 yearolds! But I am so so grateful to have met them over the last 18 months ( you included emily x). The power and support i receive from them is indescribable.
    My daughter has also made some of her own friendships this year through kindy, chosing her own friends instead of just being friends with the kids of my friends. I would love to go with them and their mamas to this x

    • Congratulations Hannah! You have two adult tickets and three child tickets 🙂 I’ll email with details, thanks, Emily.

  23. I would love to nominate Alysse Thompson who is finally moving to Wellington with her family, fulfilling a lifelong dream! She so deserves this super warm welcome and it would be an awesome way for us to celebrate finally being in the same city with our kids! She also deserves a special treat after these long, hard months separated from her partner while he set up for them down here. Me and Alysse are cousins, and I know our daughters would love to go together – we could use the extra kids’ ticket to bring their other cousin Angus 🙂

  24. I would love to nominate my Aunty Shelley she has been such an amazing help to me and my family in our journey to get to wellington. Her 2 gorgeous kids and mine get on so well and it would be amazing to take them to this . She works incredibly hard for her family and I know this would be an awsum surprise