I asked Chris from Hi-5 some terrible questions

I was talking to my husband and I said “I’ve been asked to interview Hi-5” and before I could say anymore my three-year-old started screeching at me. Because he had just so much to say about his best most favourite “TV people” ever I figured he could come up the questions while I sat back and drank wine. He came up with these hum-dingers and I thought it was hilarious that Chris from Hi-5 actually answered them. Well done. My son is very happy. His questions and responses are in bold (I mean obviously, they’re very – three year-old – type questions).

Acid trips amirite?

Acid trips amirite?

Do you like marbles?

Yes. Love them, I used to have a pretty big collection but I gave them to my little brother as a present.

I have a little brother I don’t have a little sister I have one marble and it is red. What is your favourite colour?

I have two favourite colours – purple and red!

My favourite colour is green and also my nanna’s favourite colour is green and also my mama’s favourite colour is black and my daddy doesn’t have a favourite colour he loves all of the colours and red and purple like you and green and kakariki is green. What month were you born?


My name is Eddie. I am September. Do you like the song Yellow Submarine and do you like the Boo Hoo song from Songs for Bubbas 2?

I have been learning to play Yellow Submarine on the Ukulele and I love singing it with a funny voice. Unfortunately I don’t know the Boo Hoo song, boo hoo hoo. Hehe, maybe you can send it to me?

Don’t do a funny voice. Did you have a birthday party and what did you do?

On my birthday, my Hi-5 family brought a big yummy cake onto the stage during our concert in Singapore. Then, all the boys, girls, mums and dads in the audience sung happy birthday to me. Afterwards we all ate lots of sausages and sung fun songs together. It was the best birthday ever!

I love sausages too I love chicken nuggets I’m having a Mister Maker party I am three I’m fun songs (?) when I’m three I’m birthday (?) and I love hats and it’s my birthday when I’m four and my friend Vally is coming and my friend Kōwhai is coming and we all love sausages and chicken nuggets especially Kōwhai does she loves chicken nuggets and Indie loves popcorn and so does Vally.

Then he wandered off to look for his marble. Luckily I had some actual questions. Things we probably need to know. Though I think I missed an essential one which is “Is there a bar at the show?”


What kind of show are you planning?

Hi-5 House Hits showcases some of our favourite songs and biggest hits. There will be lots of cool characters, appearances from Chatterbox, and you might even run into cheeky Jup Jup!

Will there be audience participation?

As always there will be plenty of audience participation, it’s kind of a Hi-5 staple. We always have so much fun and just want to share it with everyone around us. Did I mention that YOU get to help us pick which songs to sing?! How cool!

Why do you do what you do?

I have loved singing and dancing since I was a little kid and I guess the passion just never stopped, hehe. I love seeing kid’s faces light up when we’re performing onstage, it brings joy to my heart. I also love the learning aspect of the job and think it’s important to teach kids that it’s ok to be yourself from a very young age. I’m so lucky to do what I do.

HI-5 will be touring New Zealand this October with their HOUSE HITS tour to Auckland Sat 1, Hamilton Sun 2, Napier Mon 3, Christchurch Wed 5, Dunedin Thu 6 and Wellington Sat 8. For complete tour and ticket information visit www.hi-5world.com & www.livenation.co.nz

I’ve got a family pass – two adults, two children or one adult, three children to each of the House Hits shows around New Zealand!

So if you’d like to win a family pass – just comment below with your region – Auckland, Hamilton, Napier, Christchurch, Dunedin, or Wellington!

I’ll draw a winner in two weeks.

Easy as!


112 Comments on “I asked Chris from Hi-5 some terrible questions

  1. Auckland. And I swear even though my son is 16, I was forced to listen to Hi-5 throughout his childhood and I will view this as some wonderful form of karma. ps – still know all the words to “Every days’ a Special Day” and “Pizza Pizza Pizza it’s a lotsa lotsa fun”

  2. Napier!
    Eddie needs a segment on Anika Moa’s new show.

  3. I will be #bestaunty if I can Wellington tickets 😆 Did Eddie find his marble?

  4. Wellington! Even though hi 5 drives me mad haha 🙂

  5. Hamilton. I remember watching/listening to Hi-5 when my eldest was little! The kids love them! We were just singing the pizza song at dinner cause we had zucchini. Lol. Anyhoo, my youngest is 3, ofc singing and dancing is one of her favourite things, and we would totes love to take her to a real live show!!

  6. Wellington. As much as it pains me, I’m sure my son would love the show.

  7. Would love tickets to hi5 in Dunedin please, my little girl is a huge fan and was so gutted when they stopped playing on freeview

    • Congratulations Kayla! You’ve got a family pass to the Dunedin show. Check your email 🙂

  8. Auckland pretty please. Eddie’s questions were like drunk me ordering Maccas at 4am. On form!

  9. Haha gotta love the interviewing style of a 3yo! My nearly 2yo and nearly 4yo are big Hi5 fans and we would love to win tickets to the Hamilton show please 🙂

  10. Love your writing! And would absolutely hate to take my 4-year-old to this. She would adore it, though. The things we do… (We’re in Ol quaky CHRISTCHURCH.)

    • Congratulations Margaret! You’ve got a family pass to the Christchurch show. Check your email 🙂

  11. Auckland please would be awesome 😀👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

  12. Wellington please! My 4 year old daughter and 20 month old son would toats be getting their excited side step dance on. Their dad might possibly join in too as they’re quite persuasive in their dance moves… My daughter is REALLY into Hi5 and other unnamed Australian children’s musicians, because she doesn’t talk yet (she has Down syndrome) it really helps her language development with music and rhyming.

    • Congratulations Deborah! You’ve got a family pass to the Dunedin show. Check your email 🙂

  13. Your son is so cute! Wellington for us as we live in palmy. My two love high five!

  14. Hamilton please, so I can share the joy with my sister our 3y olds.

    • Congratulations Rebecca! You’ve got a family pass to the Hamilton show. Check your email 🙂

  15. Dunedin please. Love your son’s interview nice that he gave a little of himself to mr high 5 !!

  16. Dunedin! ❄️☃❄️
    Great questions Eddie! Just what I was wondering.
    Also I have had ‘animal dance’ stuck in my head for weeks. Maybe going to the concert will finally help my brain let it go….?!

  17. Christchurch. Looks like epicness runs in your family

  18. Hiya!
    Would love to win for Napier, my cousin and his kids are coming over to visit from Oz, would be fun to take them to! 🙂

  19. Wellington – my daughter would love to go but I’d really rather not. So I think I’d prefer not to win..

  20. Hamilton, that’ll keep the two year old happy for a day.

  21. Ooh Hamilton please! Both my kids love Hi-5…although the elder one tries to ‘cool-it-up’ a little by breakdancing to them!

  22. Auckland.Love it. I want to take my children who dance like robots. Luckily I can take them in a dance off.

  23. My daughter would love to see this. Hamilton please

  24. While my kids are well long over these days (though I have to admit going to the wiggles with them was one of my favorite concerts ever sadly or happily – I can’t tell), I know some special little people who would love tickets to the Wellington concert! I’m in!

  25. Wellington – my kids would love this, i’ve never taken them to a live show!

  26. Wellington please, we would love to go to a concert!

  27. Christchurch.

    Love your blog and my kiddies love the songs!

  28. Hamilton please 😊 the 3 hour drive will suck but my little girls have never been to anything like this before…and I’m awesome at singing along to Hi 5 😂

  29. Dunedin. Man my wee girl would love this! I might wear ear plugs but at least she’d have a blast!

  30. Hamilton please. We have a very big 3 year old fan!

  31. Hamilton! My kids would love this 🙂

  32. Wellington please – because Mister Maker just wasn’t enough excitement for this Whanau! Also, although my 8 year old would deny it, she still does all the dance moves and sings all the songs

  33. Oh my goodness, our wee girl would loooooooove this. So. Much. In. The. World. Wheeeeeeeeee. Christchurch please. Love his questions. Nice way to end the Monday here.

  34. Christchurch, please. My girls would both love it. I would love it more if there is, indeed a bar at their shows…but I’m willing to take one for the team. xo

  35. Hamilton, but are they sure they can’t pop by Tauranga 😉 I’m sure my kids would love to take their daddy!!

  36. Hamilton please! We’re having a Hi-5 revival in our house – I’m sad there’s no Stevie any more 🙁 but no else seems to notice!

  37. Christchurch! My little dancing queen would love this

  38. We’d love to go to the Wellington show 😊

  39. Wow would love to take Arlo to the wellington show!

  40. My kids would love to go to the Wellington show. Awesome interview by the way

  41. Great interview. Two big Hi 5 fans here! Hamilton please

  42. Great interview! Hamilton please, thanks heaps 😄

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  49. Auckland, would love to take my girl who loves to sing and dance ☺️

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  52. Auckland please. Both my kids are in love with high 5 and would love to go.

  53. Napier please. I see you forgot to ask about Brexit 😂

    • Congratulations Pinkdeedle! You’ve got a family pass to the Napier show. Check your email 🙂

  54. Wellington please. Both my kids are huge Hi-5 fans so I’d love to be able to take them to the show!

  55. If I don’t enter this the mummy guilt will be real. Sigh. Auckland.

    Awesome interview by the way!

  56. Wellington please; but now I am in the pondering what the ladies singing about “Your the One I Can Rely On, my Robot Best Friend,” is really about 😂🤔

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