Kiwi Moon – A giveaway

kiwi moonOn Monday morning I woke to a tiny creature yelling at me: “We gonsee da Moon Mama. Da Moon an dat keewee”. I can blame Capital E for my early morning wake-up call. I gratefully took tickets from them to their latest production – a stage version of Gavin Bishop’s picture book Kiwi Moon. I had made the error of telling my toddler the night before that we’d be going to see a show that was about the Moon and kiwi (I made big assumptions based on the title I confess).

We dropped into Nanna’s on the way so that Eddie could tell her all about the show and the kiwi and the Moon. “I gonsee dat show Nanna. Dat keewee and dat Moon Nanna”. We also wanted to soak up some of those daylight saving hours that meant the day stretched ahead with migraine-inducing clarity. Nanna was intrigued by the idea of taking a toddler to a show and we all wondered if the two-year-old could handle it.

Well, handle it he did. But with commentary the whole way through:





All the way through!

Luckily our kid wasn’t the only one providing a full narrative for the entire show.

And what a show it was. It was, as our youngun’ would say: “Jus luffly!”

The general premise is that a beautiful wee kiwi is born (with a funny Monty Python-style stuck in the egg entrance) and he isn’t like the other kiwi. He’s white. And kiwi obviously need to be brown to blend in. So he asks te Marama (the Moon) if she is his mother as they look so alike. The subtext is your standard kid-fare: ‘it’s OK to be different’ but the message here is gentle and subtle. That you can be a hero without looking like one. That mamas are always there for you but you are strong enough to stand on your own two feet as well. That brave acts are possible even when we don’t feel brave. That loss is a part of life and we are stronger than we think. And that weka are pricks (actually maybe that one is about bullying being bad).

The performers were skilful puppeteers and they had beautiful singing voices. I was particularly taken with te Marama who my son really did see as the Moon even though she was a performer wearing a beautiful white korowai (cloak) and wasn’t Moon-shaped. He now points to the Moon and says “te Mama?” which is pretty cute. She really did have the mana of the Moon and a lovely sort of lilting voice that was still really commanding. Her continued refrain through the show of “be mindful of the land we share” was lovely.

The small one loved the huhu grubs. The cute little huhu sung a funny little Country and Western styled ditty: You Who! You’ll never catch a huhu! While singing this they popped up and down in front of the kiwi. This was the absolute height of comedy for the two year-old. He rocked back and forth on his chair, screeching with laughter. He then had a moment with another toddler where they both just pointed at each other then the stage, then each other, as if to say “are you getting this? Holy shit this is gold!’

The show includes a few (maybe) dark themes – but they’re handled gently.

Eddie announced that he was “BIT SKED” of the dog. He sat on my lap: a ball of nervous energy. I got a bit teary over the injured mama kiwi but cracked up laughing when the little girl in front of us loudly announced “SHE DEAD”. I hope the play has a longer life than the mama kiwi so when Eddie is a bit older I can take him along and initiate a conversation about umm…death. It’s a very smart play that gives older children a lot of credit – that they’re actually compassionate little beings who can understand more than they’re given credit for. I noticed a little boy of maybe five or six hold his mum’s hand and lean into her during the sad part. It made my ovaries ache a bit.

So really, as sceptical as I was about the ages two to seven tag – I think it’s fair. My kid loved the songs and puppets and could (kind of) follow the storyline. He was enthralled from start to finish (impressive given it’s 45 minutes long).

There you have it – my scrambled thoughts on a lovely wee show that we all really enjoyed (my husband said it was the best show he’d seen, and the baby only crapped himself once).

Capital E have very kindly given me a double pass to give away! So comment below to be in to win and I’ll draw a name tomorrow after the witching hour (maybe 8pm?) I’ll email the winner and announce it here as well.  Obviously you’ll need to be in Wellington because that’s where the show is!

Book tickets to Kiwi Moon here.

  • Dates Sat 4 – 18 April
  • Where Hannah Playhouse, 12 Cambridge Terrace, Wellington
  • Times 11am, Mon-Sat (2pm performance on Sat 4 April)
  • Age 2-7 year olds
  • Price $12.50 per person; $44 for groups of 4; $10 per person for groups of 10 or more; under twos go free

30 Comments on “Kiwi Moon – A giveaway

  1. Makes me ever so sightly sad that my babies are all grown up – used to love taking them to stuff like this!

  2. My Mr8 would be exactly like the little boy holding his mum’s hand. We had to have lots of hugs at the Newtown Festival community stage when the Sing your lungs out choir came on. Because he started crying when the MC was explaining they had chronic lung illnesses. Mr5 was too busy with his toffee apple on the other hand, … he’d be the “SHE DEAD” kid.

  3. I would be grateful until the day I die to win these tickets. There are only so many times I can watch Surfing Safari before I lose my mind. Worse than that, Whatever crazy Aussie entertaining magic that keeps them entertained and happy for 50 minutes may wear off – then we would all be in trouble !

  4. Not scrambled at all. “Holy shit this is gold!” – love it! Would love to win tickets too.

  5. It sounds like a wonderful show, I’d love to take my little 1yo and 6yo to it. They would go crazy for it!

  6. Nice write up. I really want to see this play myself :). And my 3 year old would love it.

  7. Would love to take my 2 year old to see this on our day off together next week!

  8. What rave reviews in dom going to take my 4 year old

  9. Thanks for this- I have been meaning to look at tickets, but like you, was a bit skeptical of the age bracket having a two year old myself. We are both learning Te Reo Māori at the mo so it would be lovely to win tickets and be able to experience a show that uses some te reo. Having said that, my son has renamed ‘tekau’ (10) ‘ka chow’ (aka lightening mcqueen) so that could be quite entertaining as he likes to do it at full volume complete with actions of course. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  10. Us us! We’d like to go in the draw please 🙂

  11. yes please for some tickets, sounds right up K’s alley x

    • Congratulations Lucy! You’re a winner! I will send through an email to get your details to pass on to Capital E. Thank you to everyone who entered!

  12. Me please. My middle child has changed her name to Moonlight and now only respond to that name 🙂 i am sure there will be a connection.

  13. Oh yes please I would LOVE to win this. My kidlets return to me on that last Saturday and I am missing them muchly, we would love to see this together!!

  14. I’d love to take my boys along to this. They love theatre and I’ve heard great things about this show 🙂

  15. I’d love to take my boy to this, I too have heard wonderful things about it. And your review made me laugh 🙂

  16. My hairdresser told me about this show the other day and how good it is. Would love to take my four kiddies.

  17. The show sounds fantastic! It’s so great when a company puts effort into creating a kid friendly show that entertains, engages and educates without being didactic. It sounds really well constructed and thought out. I’m glad your kiddies enjoyed it. (Commenting but not entering your contest)

  18. The last show we attempted my then three year old cried, yelled, continually asked for food, drink and the lights to be switched back on. Maybe now she’s four she might like to go.

  19. Yes please! The play sounds like just the thing my 2 year old would love 🙂

  20. Love your review, not scatterd at all. Kiwi Moon sounds just as lovely and entertaining as I was hoping! Keen to take Misses 2 1/4 and 3 3/4 soon, but free tickets would be very handy, save our cash for cafe treats after the show 🙂

  21. Wow! This is something I’d love to take my 5 year old boy to! We’d both be captivated the entire time!

  22. My children absolutely love live theatre, it would be such a treat to take them to this.

  23. Hey. This is really awesome. I know a lovely family who would love to win this. I’d give it to them, if I won.
    You’re really nice to do this.

  24. We’d love tickets, sounds great for grey school holiday days.

  25. oh this show sounds so lovely! Would love to take my wee one next week while we are on holidays. Great review too!! X

  26. The show wpuld be a perfecting outing for the wee ones in my life!

  27. I really need to stop reading a blog not in my country…LOL Kidding, just makes me jealous 😛