COFFEE GIVER THING FROM SPACE – the Dolce Gusto Machine review + recycling ya pods

I need coffee. Coffee is very important to me. When my coffee machine died, I cried. And then the nice folks at Terracycle and NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto sent me a new coffee machine. And I asked if you could have one too! And they said yes! SO NICE. If you want to win one – just comment below or on the link to this post on my Facebook page. I’ll draw it on 19 December. Thank-you to everyone who entered. Our winner is KAREN OLSON. Congratulations Karen. 

I was so excited when the NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Melody machine turned up. IT IS SO FANCY. It is honestly like some kind of Coffee Giver Thing From Space. I tried to take a photo of it but the kids were getting into everything. I wanted to be like an Instagram mum and do a flatlay or whatever it’s called but then I was tired and couldn’t be bothered. And then the kids…


….and after.

I love pod coffee for two reasons:

  1. I’m so tired I can’t make barista coffee because there’s too many steps I just want a coffee in 30 seconds so I can function and exist
  2. It’s the same coffee every time.

I used to have one of the very expensive Nespresso machines but it broke after nine months of being pounded daily. And I couldn’t get it under warranty because I wasn’t buying the proper pods because they were too expensive. I thought about lying but I’m a really bad liar and I didn’t want to be put into jail or something.

So, what can I say about the NESCAFÉ machine? It’s bigger and fancier and it can do different things. Like you can have cold drinks!!!! They have ice tea and stuff like that. SO NEAT. And also you can move the plate your cup goes on up and down. Which is great because I used to just lean my mug precariously against the machine and I’d have to hold it while it poured. Also, you can choose how much water you want in your cup by putting the knob up in down. So you can have a super small strong coffee or a weaker big coffee. You can have milk pods in there so you don’t have to froth milk separately. For the kids they have Nesquick! (I had to Google “kids hot drink with kangaroo on it” to remember the name). The kids liked making the Nesquick but they wouldn’t drink it. Because of course they wouldn’t. But I drank it and it was very nice.

There’s not much else to say. The coffee is delicious. I’ve had a bunch of flavors – I like the LATTE MACCHIATO and the CAFÉ AU LAIT. There are so many flavours I haven’t tried yet though – like the RISTRETTO ARDENZA which is like “sweet dried fruits with licorice and juniper pepper” like whhaaaat? They also have CHAI TEA LATTE if you’re into that. All the flavours are here.


So the main thing though with pod coffee is recycling the pods because everyone has had that relative on Facebook who has called you Satan for owning a pod machine. NOW YOU CAN TELL THEM TO SHUT THEIR CAKEHOLE because: NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto are one of the few brands that are sponsoring a national coffee capsule recycling programme! They’re doing this with Terracycle.

From their website: TerraCycle is an eco-friendly recycling company that has become a global leader in recycling typically non-recyclable waste. TerraCycle offers free recycling programmes funded by brands, manufacturers, and retailers around the world to help you collect and recycle your hard-to-recycle waste.

Happy pods ready to be crushed

It’s so easy! It’s literally only three steps. All you need to do is:

  1. Sign up to Terracycle and choose the NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto programme (you’ll get a prompt)
  2. Collect your pods and box them
  3. Print off a pre-paid postage label from Terracycle and post your pods!

Told you! Easy! It costs you nothing – and for every pod you recycle, Terracyle will give two cents to a charity or school of your choice! Isn’t that great?

There are a bunch of other programmes too:

GLAD Food Storage Recycling Programme

The Fonterra Pouch Recycling Programme

The Collective Suckies Recycling Programme.

Here’s the CEO and founder of Terracycle Tom Szaky explaining the mechanics of the Dolce Gusto Recycling Programme with a bunch of happy white people drinking coffee.

Here is what the coffee machine you will win actually looks like without kids on it sticking their hands in the water bit. I don’t know if it will be that colour though…mine is red. Yours might be red. I just don’t know. Because I’m not posting it to you – they are. But anyway – You’ll get a brand spanking new one with lots of flavours! So tell everyone you know to enter!!


65 Comments on “COFFEE GIVER THING FROM SPACE – the Dolce Gusto Machine review + recycling ya pods

  1. This would make my birthday / Christmas! The recycling thing is literally the reason I haven’t invested in a pod machine 😄

  2. LOVE this. And I really love the whole recycling of pods thing. That is super cool. x

  3. My goodness I’m so excited about this machine especially that you can do cold drinks so perfect for summer!! It’s my hubby’s birthday on Christmas Day so I couldn’t think of a better gift.

  4. “…a bunch of happy white people drinking coffee.” Ahahahaha omg I am dying!! Also totes only commenting for the chance to win one 😂😂😂

  5. I love coffee too. I love GOOD coffee. I think we Kiwis are pretty lucky (and pretty coffee “wise”) and we don’t mistake Starbucks for real coffee. Mmmmm… coffee. I think I said on FB I’d give this to my parents but actually, I think I’d give this to my lab (my workplace). It would live in our office and we could have coffee whenever we want. The pod system for coffee and milk would make it REALLY simple for us. Simple but good. Coffee is important to us geneticists. This year, we started out having coffee at the Uni staff club on Tues and Thurs afternoons. Then it switched to Mon, Wed and Fridays. Now the notice just says “Coffee: All the Days”. If this came to my lab, it would provide sustenance to one Professor, one lab manager, 6 Assistant Research Fellows, some PhD students, and the odd summer student (if they were good).

  6. So awesome they have done something about the pod recycling issue!! That was the one and only concern I had with these machines. Now I can’t wait to win one for Christmas 🎄 😉

  7. That’s so awesome – I didn’t realise you could recycle them so haven’t bought one of these pod machines …but I make a terrible cup of instant coffee, so it would be such a great addition to my life!

  8. Would be neat to drink a coffee from my new NESCAFE Dolce Gusto while reading Emily’s new book (freshly ordered). Much better than the trice-microwave-reheated insty coffee I usually drink while ranging my two darlings and my barely-alive at 7am hubby.

  9. We would love this! Sounds amaze balls! Coffee is like my best friend everrrrrr! And fab you can recycle the pods.

  10. Super awesome that they recycle the pods. I gave my other machine away due to the guilt of not being able to recycle the pods… so if I won this then we’d all win! 😉

  11. Comment, comment, coffeeeeecommment!! See? I clearly need the fancy coffee machine because without it, I can’t even construct a decent comment! 💖

  12. Omgosh would love to win! 😀 Such a bonus that you can recycle the pods!.

  13. I would love this. My son has decided that sleep is a plot to stop him from dominating the world and plunger coffee seems to be beyond my intellectual ability.

  14. It looks like something out of the Jetsons! If I win this it’s going to my awesome sister in law’ Sarita who has three kids under 5 and could definitely use some sweet, sweet coffee!

    • Congratulations Karen Olson! You were picked by random draw. I will be in touch by email. Thank you to everyone who entered and thank you Nescafe and Terracyle. Thanks, Emily

  15. Oh my gawd this would be amazing. I could definitely do with 30 seconds between me and my coffee – the whole family would be happier!

  16. Wowza it is super fancy looking. I love the idea of fast coffee that tastes good everytime!!!! Going to be keeping fingers crossed for this one.

  17. Ohhh I sooo want to have one! O e of those things I could never buy…sigh.

  18. It is so very cool that the pods can be recycled like this! Would love to win one for tall man, as they have one at his work and he is in love with it, but our Christmas budget isn’t stretching to one at home 😢

  19. I love the fact that you can mail the pods for recycling as that is one thing my city doesn’t recycle. What a great concept!

  20. Yes please 🙂 this would be an amazing machine to have 🙂

  21. I seriously need this in my life, seriously!!! And if I won it I would love it like my own child.

  22. I’ve avoided pod machines because of the waste generated. This recycling program is a great idea. This machine needs to be on my kitchen

  23. Love the recycling plan! This would be the best pressie for me:)

  24. Dear Emily

    I NEED that machine. Also, the reason I haven’t done the pod thing already is the recycling issue, so I like that there’s a solution for it

  25. I need this. I currently exist on granulated instant coffee and it’s just terrible.

  26. This would be awesome. I’m the only coffee drinker at home so if I buy plunger coffee or the like it goes stale before I finish it all. This looks so fancy and also kind of reminds me of bird on a stick thing from the Simpsons.

  27. I would love one of these machines, and how fab for them to be recycling the pods fantastic

  28. I love coffee so much. If I win you’ll be able to have coffee at my house and I can bring coffee everywhere for everyone. 💜

  29. I’m SUPER stoked that companies like this are taking responsibility for the waste 🙂 CHOICE GUYS!! This mummy WOULD LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE……make my wish come true all I want for Christmas is…youuuuuuuuuuuuu (I’ll be doing a little happy dance if I win hehehe) <3 🙂

  30. Wow how generous is that! My grandmother always said “never stop learning, you need to learn one new thing every day”. Today my new thing is the recycling pod thing, I never knew that! Thanks for the “real” blog posts Emily.

  31. The guilt of the pods and the environment is obviously a consideration but then, kids, so coffee wins out. But being able to recycle the pods and having guilt free coffee? Hell yes. Great competition. Thanks Mumma x

  32. I love coffee and buy too many takeaway ones…love how this helps with the recycling issue too! So yes please!

  33. What a fantastic idea and so love the coffee machine but it’s even better knowing we can recycle the pods. Thanks for the info and of course the lovely chance to win happy holidays 😉

  34. I basically live on instant coffee now because:
    1. Making a proper coffee would drive me nuts as I would get obsessed about every step (is the grind right for the humidity?).
    2. I did buy a pod machine but being constantly broke, I got a horribly cheap thing that produces something that tastes of something … chemical. After following directions to flush it with vinegar 10 times or so I gave up on the damn thing. It’s a $200 thing that can burn you.
    3. I felt guilty buying the pods.

  35. I’m so with you on the being tired but still wanting a GOOD coffee….and the kids, I tell you, they drive me to drink………..stronger coffee (ok and the odd wine)

    I love Dulce Gusto, and I love that Terracycle working with them, show a responsibility to the environment (plus have you checked out some of the things that can be made with the recycling ?)

  36. This would be such an amazing Christmas prezzy. I’m off work for the holidays and miss the coffee machine!

  37. I’m a new mum (4.5 months ) and hubby and I are living by back home with mum temporarily. This machine would definitely help with my much needed daily “mama needs coffee” coffee hit!

  38. I’d be compelled to blog about every flavour of coffee, might see me good fir another thousand posts or so.

  39. Thank you for the tip about the pod recycling! I will share this amongst my crew of pod-caffeined mamas. And how great would a Nescafé Dolce Gusto machine be? Very. It would save me from having to leave to house to find coffee that is not instant (instantly regretted!). 🙂

  40. I never used to be much of a coffee fan … this changed a month ago with the arrival of my son! Instant does the trick but why not take the step up to something a little bit fancy! Then all I would need would be a coffee delivery elf to bring me top ups as I sit on the couch feeding my son. Would love to win.

  41. I love that they offer recycling for the pods! That was a major concern for me and why I’ve been resistant to getting one of those machines. It’s so fancy! I’d love to have one.

  42. This would be incredible for me as I’ve got a 5-month-old baby and am drinking a LOT of coffee these days! Thanks for telling us about the pod recycling – fantastic!

  43. I would loveee this machine – I’m so over instant coffee!!! It would be great to have so much variety and to try all of the yummy flavours (instead of having to work my way through a whole bag of the same old). I’m glad they have finally sorted the recycling side of things, and the huge bonus is that the kids can have drinks from it too – just like Mummy and Daddy, without the caffeine hit. Sooo fancy like 😉

  44. Sadly, I don’t need this amazing thing between my work machine (we have several types including nespresso) and classic home filtered drip. But I know a local refuge that could use a xmas pick-me-up coffee machine.

  45. Love that more products being made are recyclable. We need more of this! Also need coffee, be lovely to gift to my lovely friend whom always makes me coffee ♡