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A comprehensive review of Baywatch 2017

Hello. I saw Baywatch 2017 on Saturday night. You might say the storyline is incomprehensible, the jokes are all dick jokes/overdone, old or flat, the acting is wooden, the dialogue worse, it’s far too long, the finale isn’t… Read More

Confused sexual feelings about Ben Affleck

Like probably everyone I’ve been feeling very anxious since the quakes. As soon as I start to feel a tiny bit calm there’s an aftershock. I’m struggling – like a lot of people. I’m worried. I worry a… Read More

I was going to interview Alexander Skarsgard

Ok two things I want to talk about – actually, wait, make that three things… I am not writing much here because The Spinoff Parents is taking up so much of my time. And if you haven’t already… Read More

Dwayne The Rock Johnson can Central my Intelligence if you know what I mean…

Okay so I’m going to just be up front with my bias and say this: It will be a cold day in hell before I diss anything Dwayne The Rock Johnson does. The slogan for┬áCentral Intelligence is “Saving… Read More

I saw Tarzan and this is my review after some wines

So I had wine and I am very tired and so I am a bit tipsy but I saw the Tarzan movie so I thought I’d give my honest review. Excuse typos because you know, wines. Ok so… Read More