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  1. Love this thank you for sharing I remember feeling so alone, and the comments I would get were so much like yours … people want to help …fricken offer to babysit…I have 4 and nursed 3 of the 4 and this made me laugh so much because the F word is a powerful release, I know some may say it is trashy …but I’m sorry it is real and because it may not fit in the “fake” world people will judge! Not like I have time for a best friend, but if I did Iwould choose you lol Thank you for being real in a real world! and I would bring you chocolate or COFFEE with chocolate if I knew you! lol Good luck and keep sharing!

  2. I hope you do write your book, i’ll buy 50 copies and give one to every person who came to my house when my kids were infants and expected cups of tea, entertainment, involved conversation. I thought it was just because I am fairly introverted that I thought that was bullshit, glad to not be alone. I heart you.

  3. Wow,brave lady, I mean King Richard McCaw (national icon) wasn’t that long ago treasonous comments like that would seal a painful death, however I think it’s great that you’ve expressed an honest opinion (at great personal risk) Good on you. 😊

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