I write for a few places and I’d love to write for you too. Please email me at emilywritesnz@gmail.com if you want me to write something for you.

I also speak at stuff and I love speaking to people and at things. So you should invite me to speak at your thing. I’ve spoken at events and conferences and AGMs and all sorts of things. I would love to speak at your thing. I would love to read my book at your thing. Email me at emilywritesnz@gmail.com. Here’s some more info about the whole speaking at things stuff.

I like talking about stuff like parenting, ante-natal depression, feminism and the rights of children and mothers. I can talk about social media stuff and bleurgh “content creation” and bleeeeeuuurrrrghhh “being authentic”. More importantly I can talk about creating online communities that bring people together instead of being divisive shitholes that are filled with festering garbage. I care a lot about accessibility for parents and children. I am concerned about the pressures put on vulnerable mothers and the difficulty in parenting free from judgement. I can talk about that stuff. Or just funny parenting weird stuff. Or spa baths. Or wine. You can invite me to talk about stuff like that on your radio show if you want.

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