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Fear and Loathing in Pontypandy

Sam pushed the door shut against the torrential rain. He steadied himself against his kitchen bench and pulled a bottle of cheap whisky from a brown paper bag. He’d driven to the town next door to buy it – he couldn’t… Read More

One day your kids will grow up

I don’t know if anyone has explained to you how growing works but one day your baby is going to be an adult. I found this out from a shared poem on Facebook. I’m really glad I discovered… Read More

The In-My-Day Committee

Minutes of the The In-My-Day Committee 25 November, 2015 In attendance: Gladys who had seven children and didn’t breastfeed any of them and they turned out fine, John who thinks mothers these days have no decorum, Prudence whose… Read More

Apparently lists are popular these days

I was told that I should be writing lists because nobody these days reads anything long-form. Pffft. I just don’t believe that. But I thought I’d have a go of it anyway… Top 5 lies I’ve told my… Read More

How not to be a jerk

Breastfeeding my fat little ham a woman leans over and says “he looks far too big for you to still be breastfeeding!” Struggling to clip up my bra as he wiggles and jiggles I hear “How old is… Read More

The A to Z of sleep

A is for Anytime which is when I used to sleep B is for Bullshit which is what I think about the sleep advice I’m given to keep C is for Can you please stop giving me bullshit… Read More


About three seconds after I had my second child somebody said “Do you miss being pregnant?” and I thought – Awww that’s cute. I smiled and said no but I could have provided a list of all of… Read More

How to get your baby to sleep

Getting your baby to sleep is really quite simple. Tired signs Some people say look for tired signs but actually you should look for signs that they might be about to do tired signs. Before there are tired… Read More

Not even close to perfect

I managed to get both kids to sleep at the same time today. It’s difficult to describe just how great I felt at this momentous achievement. I am guessing (obviously, I mean look at me) that it feels… Read More

Thomas the colonialist tank engine and Sodor the capitalist nightmare

I hate Thomas the Tank Engine. I hate it. I think Thomas is a naïve arrogant asshole who sacrifices other trains to further his career and suck up to the Fat Controller. Sodor is quite frankly a capitalist… Read More