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The Mother’s Day gift you can keep on giving

Looking for a gift for Mother’s Day? May I interest you in taking some time out from saying annoying things to mothers for just one day? Here is a by-no-means-exhaustive list of of things you could stop saying… Read More

When we share

Occasionally, I see comments from grumpy people who are very offended. Not by what I’ve written necessarily – more just, that I’ve written at all. They can usually be found on Facebook, when someone else has shared my… Read More

What if you’re not doing it all wrong?

Attempting to watch the news while having my temperature taken by the toddler doctor and making smooching noises at the Christmas Ham (aka the baby – pink and delicious) an ad came on for a current affairs show…. Read More

Lessons from children

A lot of what we do as parents is teaching. And I see a real focus on that in society – you need to teach, they need to learn. But I see very little about how much our… Read More

The Right Way

The other day it suddenly dawned on me that I hadn’t given my 12 week old (I actually think he’s about 14 or even 15 weeks old now but I’m too tired to actually figure it out) any… Read More

I love children

Every now and then someone will breathlessly say to me “I hate kids but I just adore Eddie!” I watch them smugly wait for me to fall over myself with gratitude as if this is some kind of… Read More

A PSA from a cranky mum

What Feels Like Everyone: “Is he sleeping through the night yet?” Me (through gritted teeth): “He’s doing great!” Me (screaming in my head): He’s six weeks old!! What the fuck do you think? He’s a newborn baby! Of… Read More

I am grateful and…

I’ve had a few requests for a no-swears version of my original post. I want the post to be accessible to any sleep deprived mums so here’s a censored version. My other posts (if I ever get around… Read More

I am grateful, now fuck off.

It was some time between midnight and 3am. I was dead asleep. I’d fed the littliest at midnight so it was after that, and it was before he woke up for a feed at 3am. This hardly matters,… Read More