Category: The hard stuff

How to make a mum friend

Surely I’m not the only person who finds making mum friends quite difficult? I struck gold with my ante-natal group and three years on, we are all really close. I have often wondered if it’s rare – I… Read More

Guest Post: My mother’s hands

This guest post was written by one of my dearest friends KVN. I absolutely adore her and can’t imagine my life without her. This post is about her parenting journey with her daughter. KVN is an incredible mother… Read More

There are lovely words

I’m in hospital with my son. We have been here all week. I have been too tired to write a coherent blog post but my brain is still a jumble of words. I have written bits and pieces… Read More

Maybe tomorrow

I am nearing my 30th birthday and it has made me question a lot of things. At 2am, while writing blog posts in my head, and gritting my teeth through another painful feed, and gazing at my beautiful… Read More

You’d never know

When I meet new people I often have to explain that my son is recovering from a serious respiratory condition. I briefly cover off the fact that he’s had a bunch of surgeries and has improved a great… Read More

I cried in a pie shop

Today was not a good day. The day started at 2.30am. It’s never a good idea to start your day at 2.30am. The littliest one screamed in my ear. I was in a deep sleep. I was dreaming… Read More

This lonely life

There’s so much about motherhood that I find lonely. It’s such a strange concept because you’re almost never alone when you’re a mother. You can’t even shit without your little person handing you toilet paper. Showers have audiences…. Read More


If our household had a motto it would be: qui super omnia amatur somnus. Above all else, sleep. Our coat of arms would be two pillows crossed over an unmade bed. We are a home of two adults… Read More

I am grateful, now fuck off.

It was some time between midnight and 3am. I was dead asleep. I’d fed the littliest at midnight so it was after that, and it was before he woke up for a feed at 3am. This hardly matters,… Read More