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The Mother’s Day gift you can keep on giving

Looking for a gift for Mother’s Day? May I interest you in taking some time out from saying annoying things to mothers for just one day? Here is a by-no-means-exhaustive list of of things you could stop saying… Read More

We built a village

There’s a lot of talk about a village. And how we don’t have one anymore. How mothers before us knew it takes a village. That they spent their days at each other’s houses. Children happily playing outside as… Read More

The confessional

It’s time – time for some truth. Time for some parenting confessions. I’ll be honest, I have said a few white lies in the past, at a coffee group, to a colleague, a friend even…definitely to family now… Read More

Under different stars

When I was pregnant I stood in front of the long mirror leaning against the wall of my warm and dry home. I saw my belly full of life. I felt content. Almost everything felt right in this world I… Read More

Who will you be?

One of my favourite things to do is imagine who my boys will grow up to be. Will they be bogans? Or hippies? Will they stay up late reading by torchlight like I did? Or will they ignore… Read More

The tiny big promises

I used to be reasonably big on New Years resolutions. And New Years Eve. But to be honest, with two kids – the passing of this year passed in a blink. The babies cared not that it was New… Read More

A guide to being nice at Christmas (or the gift of not being a jerk)

Whether you have wee ones or not – Christmas can be a stressful time. Or a magical time. Or some kind of magical stressful time. I have had a number of emails in the lead up to Christmas… Read More

This year

My arms are full of babies as I write this. We are feeling sick, have been for a few weeks now, so we are all in our big bed together – the boys are dozing in and out… Read More

How to be kind

Today was kind of a wonderful day. We had our Ballet is for Everyone Christmas party. Lots of kids and parents and volunteers and friends came, and it was beautiful. Ballet is for Everyone is a wee thing… Read More

Apparently lists are popular these days

I was told that I should be writing lists because nobody these days reads anything long-form. Pffft. I just don’t believe that. But I thought I’d have a go of it anyway… Top 5 lies I’ve told my… Read More