My precious babies

When the sun shines let it warm your skin

Your heart is warm

Your home is warm

When it is cold know you can find warmth in my arms

I will be your shelter

I will help you build a shelter for when I’m not here

You have such strength my little ones

I believe you will do amazing things

I know this

Because I’m your mother and your mother knows things


Be anything you want to be

I will be here no matter what

And you can be

a princess

a ballerina

a digger driver

a caterpillar in a cocoon

You can be


and bold

and bright

And when the sun shines I will play with you in the garden

And when it rains we can stay inside

because it’s ok to not like the rain my sweet babies

Everything will be ok

The sun will always shine again

Did you eat your matchbox car?

Oh my God why would you do that?

How did you even do that?

No I’m not angry.

But don’t eat your cars. Jesus.


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7 Comments on “Karakia

  1. Awesome as usual! What does “karakia” mean?

    • Awww thanks šŸ™‚
      A karakia is a prayer, or sometimes an incantation, or a blessing.

  2. Wonderful use of bathos. Thanks for a chuckle – and for the touching sentiments and words that preceded my chuckle.

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