The Lighthouse – Wellington edition

The Lighthouse is on Saturday 2 July and we are really excited about it! We have sold out – we did that in about a day. There is also a long waitlist. But if you missed out, I hope you’ll be able to make the next one. We hope to do this regularly. Watch this space as we fundraise and continue to organise new Lighthouses across New Zealand! Email us at if you want to support. Read about our kaupapa here.

Our sponsors for this event are Mother’s Network WellingtonBabu, and Flick Electric. We also have coffee, kindly donated by Caffe L’affare.
Please like our sponsors on Facebook – Mothers Network WellingtonBabuFlick Electric and L’affare – and if you like you can say thank you.
Mother’s Network is a wonderful Wellington not-for-profit organisation that supports mothers – they run groups that are for mums and by mums. They provide a safe, non judgemental space for up to 12 women to share the realities of motherhood – and they have babysitters! We are lucky enough to have their facilitators and babysitters at our event.
Flick are really, really super awesome – I wrote about them hereBabu are way super awesome too I’ve written about them here and here.
We would also like to thank the following organisations for their support – Love MamasSleepytot, Capital E, Eardrop’s Journeys, Whitireia Performance Centre, Propel BrandsBaby Banz NZ, Countdown Newtown, Tork, Lil Regie.



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  1. Hi Emily just read the RNZ article about online issues with inappropriate and nasty posts. I’m so sorry that this is happening. It is totally unacceptable behaviour on the part of those people. I am completly appalled at their behaviour in the most strongest of terms. Generally men too (head shaking).

    I want you to know that this man appreciates your posts and that you have great things to share. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the effort you put in to reaching out to all us parents.