I was going to interview Alexander Skarsgard

Ok two things I want to talk about – actually, wait, make that three things…

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  2. OK so can we just talk about this video for six to eight hours.
    It has been CONFIRMED by Alexander Skarsgard that he does not have the Tarzan muscles anymore and like I’m actually OK with that because I bet like what is that art work that makes you cry every time you look at it because it’s so beautiful? That is Alexander Skarsgard. Like, you can’t function with that just around all the time. The Sistine Chapel or whatever probably looks slightly not as good as when it was first painted but it’s still like perfect right? Alexander Skarsgard is the Sistine Chapel of hot men that I want to bang like a barn door. What about when he says his drag name is Lady Libido and whoever that guy is says – ‘That’s a lot to live up to’ and Alexander Skarsgard says I try. I MEAN COME ON ARE YOU INTENTIONALLY DOING THIS. Look at how he looked kind of at the camera like he knew that somewhere a mum of two was changing her baby who had just done a six wipe poonami while watching this interview and he knew that she hadn’t slept in ages and she’d read a thing about bum worms and was now terrified of worms and a nappy had gone through the washing and he just looked at her and said:
    I TRY
    He should get a humanitarian award for services to sexually frustrated suburban housewives. And what about how he joked about his dick size and like totally unselfconsciously dressed up in what could be considered – if I was totally reaching which I am – as a display of solidarity and a rejection of toxic masculinity. Is he the feminist unproblematic fave of my dreams? IS HE? HE IS.
    And what about how that presenter joke-kissed him but then actually like looked into those sad eyes and saw the tallness and was like ACTUALLY I NEED THIS.
    Look I need this.

    The Skarsgard effect

    The Skarsgard effect

  3. THIRDLY ARE WE AT THIRD YET – Thirdly, so I was meant to interview Alexander Skarsgard. I was. NZME contacted me and were like he’s doing a new movie called War on Everyone which I’m going to see because of course I am (apparently he gets his kit off thank you Jesus) and they were like do you want to interview him and I was very professional and chill about it
    alexiv2 And then his publicist just never booked the interview which is crazy like did they think I was this totally unprofessional, unchill person who was going to sexually objectify him and talk only about his V or maybe, maybe pitch a movie idea that I have?
    SCENE: (Is that how you set the scene by just writing scene) Alexander Skarsgard is Tarzan and he’s in the jungle with Dwayne The Rock Johnson (who is wearing a baby and cooking small chocolate lava cakes) and Channing Potatum (who has a paper bag over his head but is wearing very low pants and is dancing to Pony which is on repeat from the jungle ipod dock) and Jason Momoa who is wearing like nothing really and is lifting weights from a jungle weights machine. He is being urged to lift more heavy things by that hot dutch guy with the beard on Instagram. Charlie Hunnam is having a jungle shower.
    In walks: A suburban mum of say two small boys who is wearing maternity leggings that are four and a half years old and have a small rip in the crotch. She has bags under her eyes and is working too much because GOD KIDS ARE SO EXPENSIVE. Dwayne The Rock Johnson, carrying his quiet but adorable baby, walks over to her. He tells her she is a good mother and that actually sometimes Janet Lansbury is just wrong OK. You totally aren’t a bad mother for watching video clips of Alexander Skarsgard while you change your baby’s nappy instead of being present and in the moment. He gives her the baby which is asleep and just very cute. He massages her feet and tells her that it’s totally normal to have to reintroduce white noise to your baby when they’re fucking 20 months old or whatever because they won’t fucking sleep I mean Jesus fucking Christ.
    Channing Potatum begins to choreograph a dance THERE IS NO DIALOGUE FROM CHANNING POTATUM.
    For around six hours – Charlie Hunnam just jungle showers and Jason Momoa and the Hot Dutch Instagram Guy just lift weights and smile a lot and say things like DAMN YOU ARE AMAZINGLY HOT FOR HAVING TWO CHILDREN AND NOT SLEEPING IN APPROXIMATELY 16 YEARS.
    Dwayne The Rock Johnson folds sheets and does dishes in the jungle kitchen.
    I – I MEAN THE TOTALLY RANDOM WOMAN CHARACTER – drinks pinot gris and just runs her hands up and down Alexander Skarsgard’s rock hard abs while discussing feminist theory and laughing about how men think the objectification of men is a thing despite there not being any power imbalance and THAT’S THE THING THAT MAKES IT A FANTASY HELLO.
    The central character is joined by her best girlfriends. They get drunk in a jungle spa and sing All Saints hit(s) and watch a well-choreographed naked dance led by Channing Potatum with a paper bag over his head and somehow that Joe Manjello guy is there – HELLO!
    Nick Cave appears and sings to them.
    Everyone goes to bed after (look I’m a lady I’m not going to go into details but needless to say everyone knows that Alexander Skarsgard goes off like a frog in a sock OK everybody knows that just look at him – that is the confidence of a man who knows what he’s doing, that is a man who would just totally verb the adjective noun if you know what I mean).
    AND THEN – she sleeps for 15 hours.
    She wakes up naturally just when her body is ready to wake up. That’s a thing that sometimes happens – you go to sleep and then you just wake up WHEN YOU WANT TO.
    Like nobody is crying and the baby monitor doesn’t even work because you are in the jungle except under a mosquito net in one of those flash tents so there are no bugs and if there’s a gorilla or something Tarzan will just fuck it up and you can watch while you have a martini bought to you by Jason Momoa wearing absolutely nothing except RAW ACTUAL SEXUAL MAGNITISM. Just if you want.
    There is a V-off.
    The end.

So, clearly, it would have been great to have me interview Alexander Skarsgard. I had many great questions including – How is your face just like that and why are you sad and how tall are you actually. And maybe just if the opportunity arose I would have pitched this movie which I bet he would have been into just saying.

But truly – I would cry in the face of such beauty so it’s probably for the best. Though my movie would kill and would absolutely sell out more than Bad Moms or anyone of the other stuff that’s aimed at us.


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7 Comments on “I was going to interview Alexander Skarsgard

  1. I would watch that movie. Hell, I’m running that movie in my head right now and will forever more. (except the Random Female Character has morphed into a 4ft 10 mousy office worker in 3 year old yoga pants and a hoodie, yes even in the jungle. I, uh, she gets chilly, OK?)

    Also, among the many things I would like to do with the eldest Skarsgård brother, somewhere on the list (a little way down) is getting super drunk like… if you haven’t seen this video? Well….

    Hope you get that interview next time, I really REALLY wanna read it!

  2. Once again….pure writing magic! I think your movie idea is brilliant…except of course it would be me starring in it….who even with no kids, never gets sleep and has bags under her eyes……which of course would magically disappear in this movie……because….it’s magic! You need to be a director of women’s movies!!!

  3. How could you even look at Alexander with Jason Momoa in the world? And, he’s 6’4″!

  4. Hahaha very few people can make me lol on the train in front of 50 odd strangers. Thanks Emily 🙂 Love your work!

  5. Girl! I mean Mom! Wait, I mean, girl! I have no children, and therefore most of your writing is for me like reading Victor Hugo: I sympathize SO MUCH, but I am not there. Therefore, whilst I recognize the momness, you are gurrrlfrrrriend in my direction. Letting all that go, however (because how long is one salutation going to take to explain?), let me just say that when it comes to Alexander Skarsgård — with whom I am in love enough to use the little o-thing even if it involves finding it and cutting and pasting it specially — in his regard, you and I? We are like twins from another mother, despite me being 54, which I’m sure you’re not. And now that I have seen the videos you posted (and I knew people working on that movie! I could have GONE to that party! ARGH!), and the one that SarahJay55 posted, above, I am completely confirmed in the appropriateness of that love, at least in my regard, because every man I’ve ever really loved has had a weird enjoyment of his own sex, to say the least, which is why I’m not a mom, I guess (*sob*). But lest this become about me (is EVERYTHING about me? seriously) … thank you. Thank you for being the kind of mom that a girl like me can mostly sympathize with, and the kind of girl that inspires moms like my poor sleepless sister (who has three kids from 8 to 21) to be up front with themselves about their need for Vitamin V, which is not necessarily Vicodin or Valium these days. You utterly rock. I hope you have many book deals, and movie deals, and interviews with Alexander Skarsgård, in the drunken nude without other men around, in your future. <3